Download ZBBS today, our private bulletin board for SFA members.

Download FirstClass client to login into ZBBS, available at no charge.

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Step by step guide on how to setup ZBBS on a PC
  1. 1. Download FirstClass

    FirstClass is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.When given the option to “save to disk”, it needs to be somewhere you can find it.

  2. 2. Run Install

    Run the install (if it’s on the desktop, just double click it).

  3. 3. Default Installation

    Accept all of the default choices for the installation.

  4. 4. Open up program

    Accept all of the default choices for the installation.

  1. 5. Setup page

    The first time you run it, it will automatically open the Setup Page. If you only see the Login page, just click on the Setup button. If you cannot see the Setup button, look for advanced settings and click the arrow down.

  2. 6. Setup server

    In the box for “Server”, change it to Hit save button. You should now be back to the log-in screen, hit the green arrow.

  3. 7. Complete registration

    Fill out the registration form. Make up a user ID and password, and fill them in. You can use initials, nickname, or anything that isn’t taken. You are limited to about 10 characters. (If you want, you can go back into the setup menu and put in your user ID and password and it will save it for automatic log in for the future.)

  4. *First time connecting

    The first time you connect, you will need to fill in some information to identify yourself to the SFA. You will only have limited access to the conference areas on the system. After a day or so, your access will be upgraded and you will be able to see all areas of the system.

    For any problems or questions regarding set-up contact Marc Port at 310-230-9402 or marc@portfamily.


  • How to receive email

    The ZBBS is capable of receiving e-mail some people use it as their primary e-mail address.  Generally, your internet e-mail address is your 1st initial + your last name + If, for instance, you wanted to send our SFA President a message you could send it to Gary Grace at the following e-mail address:  If you don’t like the e-mail address that has been assigned to you, you can ask one of the system administrators to change your e-mail address to anything you would like (now keep it clean) as long as it ends with and is not in use by another franchisee.

  • How to forward the your email

    You can set your ZBBS email to forward all mail sent to your desired mailbox.  You can do this by going to “Preferences” and click on “Messaging”.  Under “Automatically forward” you should choose “yes” for local and internet mail.  In the box next to “Forward to:” you should put the e-mail address that you want the mail to go to.  This way if someone is trying to reach you on the ZBBS, you will get the message on your regular e-mail source.

  • How to unsend an email

    With the new version of the ZBBS you can now unsend a message that you have sent.  If you make a mistake you can just “unsend” it and fix it.  Of course, if you wait too long someone might have already read it.

  • How to setup a group folder

    If you have several people from your organization who regularly use the ZBBS, you might consider asking the System Administrator (in this case, Jeff Breeden) to set up a private folder for your organization.  This folder would allow you to post messages to the group and keep them as a historical record.  It would only be seen by members of your organization.

  • How to post a picture

    With the new ZBBS you can now post a picture right into the message area that will show without anyone having to download the picture.  Just drag a picture from your computer into the blank message area and it will be displayed (certain photo formats only).

  • How to check message status

    one of the great things about the ZBBS messaging system is when you send a message to another person who also has an account on the ZBBS, you can check and see when or if the recipient has read the message.  Just highlight or open the message you want to check and click on “history”.  It will tell you when and who has read your message.

  • How to organize your mailbox

    If you want to save messages in your mailbox in a more organized fashion, you can create folders inside your mailbox naming them to reflect the different categories of messages.  To do this Open your Mailbox and go to “File” and then “New” and add a folder.  The folder will appear in your Mailbox.  You can rename it by clicking on the folder name.  Then just drag messages from your mailbox to the folder and like magic your mailbox is becoming organized.