Gary Grace


Gary Grace began his career with Supercuts 38 years ago as a consultant to the company during their process of franchising. Seeing the great opportunity Supercuts was offering, he quickly stopped being a consultant to become a Supercuts franchisee. He has opened over 140 salons, which include the 86 he opened in a joint venture with
Corporate in 1994 and 1995 in the New York Metropolitan market. Today, he owns 37 Supercuts salons in the Los Angeles market. Gary is currently serving as president of the Supercuts Franchisee Association and is also the franchisee
Chairperson of the Supercuts Advisory Council.

In 1989 Inc. Magazine named Gary the number one franchisee in America. Since the magazine never awarded this designation again, he thinks he still is. In 1993 Gary was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award from Corporate. This was
perplexing as he thought that this was something you might receive at the end of your career, but he thought he was still in the prime of his life. He then was awarded Regis’ Torchbearer Award in 2004.