Debra Pesnell

Franchisee Representative, Central Region

Debra Pesnell shares ownership in 10 Supercuts and manages 4 other salons. The 14 salons she oversees are located in
the Dallas/Fort Worth market and Midland/Odessa (West Texas). Debra started with Supercuts in March 1996 as a bookkeeper for Linda Leyerle. At the time Linda and group were managing Howard Shermanʼs salons as well. When Howard passed away, Debra, along with her partners, Steve Jaber and Linda Leyerle, purchased Howardʼs salons from his estate. Since then they have purchased five additional venditon salons from Regis Corporation.

Debra is the Managing partner of their company and oversees the day to day operations of the salons. Debra has developed the company structure to include Area Managers who each manage their own salon and oversee two others. Additionally, the company is supported by a two person office staff.