The Supercuts Franchisee Association (SFA) is proud of the relationships it has formed with our vendor partners. We are dedicated to providing Supercuts franchisees with the tools and resources they need to operate their salons successfully.

John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) has been a partner of the SFA since 1985, and JPMS products were in the salons of Supercuts franchisees even before that.

We spoke with Kristin Parenti Granchay, regional director and vice president for JPMS, to learn more about the brand and its relationship with the SFA. Granchay works with corporate accounts to plan and execute growth strategies.

Focused on Family

Granchay notes that there are several similarities between JPMS and the Supercuts brands. Both pride themselves on being family focused and providing value to their customers. “We like to think of Paul Mitchell as an affordable luxury,” said Granchay. “I think the same can be said for Supercuts – it delivers an outstanding consistent service experience at an affordable price.”

Both brands put a strong emphasis on education. In the JPMS system, educating stylists is a key factor in growth. The brand graduates nearly 10,000 students every year from 100-plus Paul Mitchell Schools across the nation and exposes its stylists to learning and engagement opportunities through various industry events.

Similarly, Supercuts provides educational and networking opportunities for franchisees and stylists, and annual SFA meetings and events offer tips, strategies and input from leadership that franchisees can use in their salons.

Value in Partnership

Even though the official partnership was formed between SFA and JPMS 35 years ago, many franchisees have been using and recommending Paul Mitchell products for even longer to their clients.

“Since forming a relationship several decades ago, both brands have had to adapt and accommodate to the changing times and changes in the salon industry,” said Granchay. “Both legacy brands have watched each other’s companies transition through generations, and that’s a beautiful thing to see.”

Future of JPMS

As 2020 closes, JPMS remains focused on its initiatives in Q4 and early 2021. As a result of the pandemic, most salons are experiencing changes with traffic. “If traffic is down, one of the most important business drivers becomes increasing your service ticket,” explained Granchay.

JPMS has an exciting update in the works for professional color specifically at Supercuts. The transition, which will boost quick-color service options, will begin in December.

In the new year, Supercuts franchisees can also look forward to a new extension to the Paul Mitchell product, Clean Beauty, that offers natural solutions that are good for salons, clients and the planet. More new and exciting product offerings will be released later in the year as well. JPMS is excited to bring strategies that help engage the stylists and excite the consumers.

“If ever there was a year, an experience or circumstance to remind us all about being flexible yet tenacious, this was it,” said Granchay. During these trying times, she advised salon owners to follow the dreams they had when they first opened their doors.

John Paul Mitchell Systems is a proud partner of the Supercuts Franchisee Association, providing franchisees with top-of-the-line products for its salons. If you are interested in JPMS products, contact Kristin Parenti Granchay at