Retirement Plans

Retirement plans and solutions for members of SFA by our exclusive partner Hall Financial Advisors.

A competitive employment market means it has become increasingly challenging to attract and retain the best employees. Incorporating a 401(k) retirement plan into your employee benefits package provides a great recruiting tool, improves employee retention, and gives employees, management, and business owners a valuable savings vehicle that they’ll appreciate.

Hall Financial Advisors: Offer more benefits to your employees

This comprehensive and popular design allows employee contributions, an employer match that can be adjusted annually, and a vesting schedule that works for your business. Flexibility is maximized with this design.

What to expect with a new 401(k) with Elevanta and Hall Financial Advisors

  • Lower administrative cost
  • Less administrative work, as you hand off many of the responsibilities that come with running a 401(k), including filing Form 5500 and employee loans
  • Relief from many fiduciary obligations, while maintaining your current plan design

Already have a retirement plan?

Now’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to the Hall Financial Advisors team, who will review and benchmark your plan and assess whether it’s meeting your goals—or if transitioning to the Elevanta group 401(k) could better meet your needs.

Considering a retirement plan?

A 401(k) can be a powerful tool for keeping the quality people you have onboard and bringing new talent into the fold. Joining the Elevanta group 401(k) could be the most cost-efficient solution.

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