Property & Casualty

More than just insuring your risks – We’re protecting your goals

Managing and minimizing risk is central to any insurance strategy, but there’s more to consider. While there are no two people alike, neither are there two organizations. The risks you face are inherently unique, and therefore, so should your insurance programs. Anticipating the disruptions, disasters, and mistakes that could lead to claims, lawsuits, and financial loss is a job for the experts. Protecting your organization takes an investment in time, knowledge of your industry, expertise in all types of business insurance, and, most of all, a dedicated commitment to being your risk management partner. After all, it’s not just buildings and inventory that you’re insuring, it’s your goals for the future and the financial security of your employees, family, and stakeholders.

Risk management

Best hope of not having a claim is through sound risk management

Lockton Affinity is well known for its risk control strategies. Prior to making any recommendations to effectively manage your organization’s unique risks, the Risk Control team can conduct a thorough analysis of your operations. Whether you need full risk management services or just a few programs to augment your own practices, Lockton Affinity can support your efforts to minimize risk, decrease claims and keep insurance costs in check.

Commercial property

Protecting your organization from disaster

Fires, floods, and other disasters can wreak havoc on your bottom line without the proper coverage in place. You’ve worked hard to build your organization, and with commercial property coverage, your building and contents are covered. In addition, you’re protected against business interruption, loss of income, and loss of use of your property. In short, this coverage means you have time to rebuild, restock and reopen.

Commercial auto

Accidents happen

Organizations that transport people or inventory, have employees operating company vehicles, or are using vehicles to conduct official business need to have a commercial auto policy. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and when they do, you’ll want to protect your investment in your vehicles, inventory, and people. Rated differently, we can help you understand the key differences in this type of coverage versus your personal auto policy.

Workers’ compensation

Protect your employees

On-the-job injuries can often be prevented with proper safety measures and sound risk management practices. But despite best efforts, sometimes even the best plans fail and someone gets hurt. Workers’ compensation, a state-mandated coverage, provides wage replacement and medical benefits to injured employees. Working with a carrier who can help minimize risks, while providing the right coverage, is your best defense.

General liability

Mistakes and negligence can lead to litigation

Whether someone gets hurt at your place of business, claims your product or service caused personal or professional harm, or sues you for any other reason, you’ll be better protected with a general liability policy. In a litigious world, it’s not uncommon for organizations to fend off lawsuits, and despite everyone’s best efforts, mistakes and accidents tend to happen.

Cyber and employment practices liability

Coverages that protect you from others

Data breaches and employee-driven lawsuits happen every day. Sensitive data, financial information, and intellectual property in the wrong hands lead to business interruption, loss of trust, and potential lawsuits. And employees who bring suit against an employer causes distress, loss of productivity, and in some cases, a large financial settlement. You’ll want to protect your organization from these threats.

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