About the SFA

The SFA is an association comprised of members who together own and/or operate more than 1000 Supercuts salons in the United States and Canada. The SFA’s purpose is to build and maintain the Supercuts brand while providing networking and communication opportunities to our members. The SFA is dedicated to supporting franchisees by seeking out new vendors and products and negotiating benefits for members.


The Supercuts Franchisee Association’s mission is to facilitate franchisee collaboration and development that will strengthen and increase the value of our franchises.


Collaboration: Listening to the needs and desires of franchisees, encouraging diversity, and providing a unified voice with which to build a strong and integral franchisee/franchisor relationship.

Innovation: Facilitating an environment that encourages the sharing of trends, best practices, and learnings that will move the business and brand forward.

Focus Areas

Defending and improving our agreements with the franchisor.
Facilitating education and best practice sharing among the franchisee community.

Providing access to vendors, products and back-office solutions.