Health Insurance

Elevanta Health is a group health insurance solution for members of the SFA.

Get insurance that works as hard for you as you do for your employees.

The Elevanta Health program is a unique, self-funded plan that is financially stable and affordable, offers 14 different plan designs, features the BlueCross BlueShield network and comes with administration services to make managing the program simple.

Elevanta Health medical plans: Maximum flexibility combined with affordability

Elevanta Health features nine major medical PPO plans, two minimum essential coverage (MEC) plans and three HSA/HDHP plans. We’ll help you customize a program that doesn’t leave you choosing between great coverage and affordability.

Elevanta Health voluntary plans: Offer more benefits at no extra cost

Recruiting and retaining top-notch employees is easier with a full benefits package. Round out your health insurance offering with a suite of full employee-paid programs such as dental, vision, life and AD&D.

Elevanta Health administration services: Managing your plan is easy

Managing an employee benefits package shouldn’t be difficult. While you focus on running your business, the Elevanta Health benefits service center manages back-end operations like COBRA, enrollment, HIPAA compliance and easy ACH billing.

Need more proof before asking for a quote?

While other carriers struggle to stabilize premiums, the self-funded Elevanta Health program has maintained single-digit average increases for the past five years. In fact, this year, Elevanta Health delivered an all-time low 1% renewal rate increase. That’s far below the national average, and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way.

Elevanta Health is insurance you can trust!

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