How did you become a Supercuts franchisee?

In 1981, our neighbors, Paul and Rori Habas, asked to talk to us about a business opportunity. Paul suggested that Rori and Carole open a Supercuts hair salon, and we then went to meet the sales person at Supercuts.

There, we were given information about the brand and opportunities to open one. We were told that there were places around the Bay Area in San Francisco , but none were close to our home in Sunnyvale, California. Alan and Paul decided to open a location, and three days later we received the phone call that we were approved.

If you have business partners, how did you meet?

We met Rori and Paul at a July Fourth party on our street shortly after we moved into the same neighborhood. Our sons were about the same age, and the boys would get together. For many years now, we have been partners with Rori and Paul's sons David Habas and Neal Habas and also our son Todd Kushnir.

Tell us a little about yourself and the company’s background.

Carole was a school teacher before their sons were born. Three years before becoming a franchisee, she worked as a manager in a jewelry manufacturing company. Alan has a doctorate in physics and worked in high-tech managing a division of Exxon Co.

Our plan, which we did, was to open the one store in Monterey, California. It was successful from day one with a haircut price of $6. Rori and Carole would each go to the salon two days a week, but there was not much to do there but cheer on the staff and show them how much we appreciated what they did.

In your opinion, what stands out about the Supercuts brand?

Supercuts emphasizes a mandatory training program. Hairstylists must meet certain requirements before they can work with a customer.

Going forward, what is the top business goal for your company?

Our top goal right now is to do our best to serve our customers in a way that they feel safe throughout their visit and keep coming back. We must also provide the necessary personal protective equipment for our staff so they feel safe.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

The best piece of business advice we received is to follow the Supercuts system and meet or exceed these expectations.

What do you think is the biggest challenge currently facing franchisees?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with an unprecedented drop in sales.

What advice would you share with other franchisees?

Franchisees must be in constant contact with their staff so they know how much they are appreciated.

What is the biggest industry change since you started?

When we started in 1981, a person came to Supercuts to get a haircut. We did offer a shampoo and blow-dry, but these services were not widely promoted and used. Now, we offer color and waxing service in addition to the shampoo and blow-dry.

Tell us about your family.

We have been married 56 years and have two adult sons, who are both married and each have two sons. Our youngest son is in the Supercuts business with us.

Tell us about your personal interests.

Alan likes to bake bread, ride his bike using the ZWIFT app and swim. Carole rides her bike using ZWIFT as well and likes to walk in a wooded park nearby.

If I weren’t a franchisee, I would be…

Can’t imagine that!

Paul and Rori Habas (left) and Carole and Alan Kushnir (right) attended their first Supercuts Convention together in 1982.