Stylist Relief fund Update

Dia is a stylist for Sapphire Ventures (Cheryl & Joe) in their Woodland Hills, CA salon.  She has no family in the area and the house she was renting burned in the Woolsey Fires.  She moved to another house with friends and had to evacuate again due to on going fires. The SFA relief fund helped Dia get on her feet in her times of uncertainty. She is truly grateful to receive assistance from people she has never meet, and was brought to tears to realize that the company she worked was kind enough to help when she no place to go.

When forces of nature strike as they have, we can be proud of as an association that has the foresight to understand . This association comes together to make sure our employees in need are not left behind and forsaken and we are able to rest easy knowing there is a solution out there for them.

Convention 2016 wrap up

This year’s convention was another great event for Supercuts franchisees! Two days of sharing best practices, networking, exploring new products, and plenty of fun in the desert. We hope to see you next year at the La Playa Beach & Golf Resort in Naples, Florida on Sunday, April 30 through Tuesday, May 2. Stay tuned for more information!

Meet Christina Campbell – Supercuts Franchisee of the Year

Why did you choose Supercuts or how did Supercuts choose you?
In 1980 I along with two partners, Howard Rochestie and Vincent Drucker brought Supercuts to Dallas and Houston, Texas. At that time I was living in San Francisco having established a financial investment company representing a small group of clients. Vincent Drucker introduced Supercuts as a potential cash generating, absentee ownership opportunity for us and our clients. Initially, our plan was to open in California. However, at that time Supercuts felt they were saturated in the state and so we did a demographic study of the country and chose Dallas and Houston. Within two and a half years we opened 26 locations.

Supercuts’ original television advertisement with the message, “We’re changing the way America cuts it’s hair!”-was a Silver Bullet!! We were wildly successful! Supercuts had revolutionized the hair care industry by breaking established myths, altering the working environment and most importantly; offering our Supercuts Technique-the foundation of our success then and today!

Over the next 15 years I bought out Vincent Drucker and Howard Rochestie and continue today as the President and CEO of Christina Campbell and Company/ Supercuts-so named by my extraordinary staff. We currently own and oversee operations for 30 Supercuts existing locations with 4 more future locations.

I was an original member of the SFA. I served on the Board of Directors and was President for two years during which time we took Supercuts public, opened a Supercuts at the training center in Colorado Springs for Olympic hopefuls on their way to Barcelona. As President, I toured the country with Betsy Burton, then President of Supercuts, visiting numerous Supercuts locations with the intention of aligning our objectives in order to strengthen our Supercuts system.

Now, every year, I visit approximately 50 Supercuts locations around the country as well as visits to our strongest competitors, Sportclips and Great Clips.

At our annual SFA meeting “Innovation and Leadership” in Washington DC I, along with my staff, presented “Innovative Renovations” and received a standing ovation. We authored a book on the subject and offered it to existing franchisees.

Today, I think our two most important challenges are:

  • Successful expansion
  • Innovative thinking.

In order to insure successful expansion it is imperative that we implement a “quality control program” system wide. Additionally, we must increase the number of educators and training centers. The strength of a franchise system lies within the partnership ( shared responsibility) of the franchisees and franchisor. By definition, a franchise organization must provide a consistent quality product; identifiable to the clients and communities they serve. It then lives in the experience of each and every employee-remember they are the Heart and Soul of our business! As we say every day, “Our culture and reputation are our most valuable assets!”

Innovative thinking! We Are the Brand-we are the inheritors of a Brand that revolutionized our industry! We must involve innovative thinking in every aspect of our business!! Use our logo, icon, turn it upside down!! Reach the Unreachables! Grow our client base!

What inspires me most about Supercuts?
The opportunity to express our Caring-every moment of every day!
The opportunity to provide the education and environment for each employee to grow forward personally and professionally!

I love being a women and running a business!
As a member of The United States Delegation for Friendship Among Women I visit women leaders, organizations in third world countries and interface with my counterparts-women entrepreneurs just like me! I represent Supercuts and I am an Ambassador for other organizations.

Today, I live in three countries, Maine, Texas and California along with visits to see my son Taylor, a professional basketball player in Europe.

As we like to say, ” Have a Super Day!”

Steve & Joanne Reitz–Multi-Brand Mavens


Steve Reitz   and his wife and  Joanne have been 2390_Reitzeyewitnesses to the tough market of the past  four years. When we last profiled him (Q4, 2009) he had seven Supercuts in Florida and had just opened his first Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Michigan. Despite the economy, they’ve managed to open two more Five Guys locations in Michigan (he grew up in Detroit) and added one more Supercuts in Florida. Today he’s focused on serving one customer at a time and delivering it “perfect every time.” – See more at:





Meet Marc Port

Marc was 26 when he opened his first Supercuts in Los Angeles and was one of the original SFA Board Members. Marc and his wife Kathleen met in 1985 while she worked for the advertising agency representing Supercuts. Marc now owns all or part of 32 stores in Greater Los Angeles. 

Here is his story… 

I came to Supercuts from a real estate investment business. I was 26 years old back in 1981 when I opened my first store in Los Angeles with partner Paul Silver. I currently own all or part of 32 stores, and am fortunate to have Joey and Cheryl Robinson operating them. At present, I am only allowed to sweep hair in the stores, or fix a window shade.  From time to time, I am given marketing or other assignments.

With initial success in a handful of Los Angeles stores, I expanded to Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and some far flung southern California locations. Ten years ago, I swapped/sold all stores outside California, so now I participate only in California locations in the greater LA area.

I was one of the original members of the SFA and have been active ever since. I served on the first Board of Directors for the SFA, and was also its President for two years when Supercuts Inc was headquartered in San Francisco and Dave Lipson ran the company.   One of my contributions was developing the ZBBS in 1991 with help from Alan Kushnir and Paul Silver.   I also served on the Board of Directors for Supercuts Inc for one year (while sporting an impressive ponytail).

In the late 1980’s the SFA sued the Supercuts parent company (Frank and Geoffrey) for violations of the franchise agreement. In the counter suit, I was one of three individually named defendants in which they asked for damages from me in the multi millions of dollars. The suit was settled, the parent company was sold, and as a result we have the Working Together Document today that protects us as franchisees.  I hold being a named defendant as a badge of honor to this day (albeit a scary one).

My biggest hope and desire for Supercuts is that we embrace Quality control and technology in a stronger and more impactful way.  The strength of our system is not how many doors we have open but how good the product is we deliver.  Our systems need to be strengthened to insure that customers leave satisfied whether at my store or yours.  We also need to embrace technology in ways that we have not yet.  This includes apps, in-store displays and record keeping.  There is much for us to do to be a leader in both these areas.

I met my wife, Kathleen, when she worked for the Supercuts ad agency at the time (1985), Foote Cone & Belding.  Our first meeting was on the beach in Kauai, where she had agreed to teach a yoga class to some franchisees just after sunrise.  Board meetings in SF gave me an opportunity to see her more frequently, and love bloomed.  Kathleen and I currently live in Pacific Palisades, CA and have one daughter, Jenna, who is in the middle of college applications (yikes). Jenna attended SFA conventions for years through elementary school. She has only ever had her hair cut (and now colored) at SuperCuts. Her first job was as a receptionist in one of my stores.  Our family has a mutt named Smudge.

My current hobby is family genealogy.  I have nearly 12,500 on his tree and was able to trace Kathleen’s roots back to Braveheart (Robert the Brus).